Singapore: MPA Investigates Oil Slick Reports off Tuas Port

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday March 26, 2024

Reports of an oil slick off Tuas Port in Singapore has prompted the authorities to take action.

Initial findings point to an inland source for the pollution.

"Initial investigations by agencies and findings from laboratory tests on oil samples by PSA, which were reviewed by MPA, revealed that the source is likely to have originated from further inland," according to a notice from the Maritime and Port Authority.

The authority said that it is deploying "regular patrols to monitor the waters off Tuas Port, with oil spill response craft ready to be activated at short notice, to deal with any oil slicks at waters off Tuas Port quickly".

The oil pollution seems to have no single source and the oil slicks have not significantly impacted port operations or navigation, it added.