Singapore Smashes Annual Bunker Sales Record with 48.6 Million MT Sold in 2016

Wednesday January 11, 2017

Singapore has set a new annual bunker sales record of 48,614,500 metric tonnes (mt) sold for all products, the latest preliminary data from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) shows.

With 3,904,900 mt of bunkers sold in December, Singapore ended the year with the second lowest monthly sales total of 2016, bettering only the 3,510,000 mt sold in February.

Still, this was more than enough to smash the previous annual record of 45.1 million mt sold that was set in 2015.

The total for 2016 also marks a near tripling of volumes over the last 20 years for the world's biggest bunkering port, up from the 16.9 million mt of sales posted in 1996.

As always, IFO380 sales made up the majority of sales for December with 2,879,800 mt sold.

Sales of 500 cSt material, the port's second most popular grade, saw sales of 818.200 mt in December.

At 21 percent of the monthly total, this was slightly higher than the 2016 average for the product of 20 percent of overall monthly sales.

The total of 3,546 calls for bunkers in December was slightly higher than the 3,521 calls in November, pulling the average stem size for the month down to 1,101 mt compared to 1,176 mt last month, and an average stem size of 1,146 mt for the whole of 2016.