Repsol, Aramco to Build Synthetic Fuels Plant in Spain

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday May 26, 2022

Energy firms Repsol and Aramco are set to build a synthetic fuels plant in Bilbao, with the marine fuel market among its likely customers.

The plant will use production technology developed by engineering firm Johnson Matthey and BP, Johnson Matthey said in a statement on its website this week.

The facility will use green hydrogen and CO2 to produce up to 2,100 mt/year of a synthetic drop-in fuel that could be used in existing engines by road vehicles, planes and ships. The plant is due to be commissioned in 2024.

"The development of Bilbao synthetic fuel, where sustainable synthetic fuel shall be produced, represents an important step on our commitment of being a Net Zero Emission company by 2050, aligned with the climate objectives set out in Paris by COP21," Adriana Orejas, director of industrial transformation and deep tech at Repsol, said in the statement.

"Coupling Johnson Matthey, a reliable and demonstrated global leader technologist, HyCOgen and FT CANS Technology allow us to demonstrate the whole value chain of producing sustainable fuel from CO2 and renewable hydrogen as unique raw materials, complementing RepsolĀ“s portfolio of Low carbon fuels alternatives."