Chemship to Use Wind-assist Tech on Transatlantic Route

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday February 19, 2024

A chemical carrier that has been fitted with wind-assist technology is to be deployed on a transAtlantic route.

Four, 16-metre-high aluminium wind sails, called Ventofoils, have been installed on Chemical Challenger which is operated by Dutch shipowner Chemship, according to the company.

Chief executive Niels Grotz said that the technology should save 850 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

Along with other energy-saving modifications, the sails should see around 15% less fuel used by the ship.

The sails did not require the ship to make any structural adjustments and they take up relatively little space on deck. At force seven, the sails fold automatically. The company said that it intends to put the technology on more of its ships.