Repsol Mounts 11-truck LNG Bunkering Operation

Tuesday December 4, 2018

Spanish energy company Repsol has completed its biggest bunkering operation of liquified natural gas (LNG), the company has said.

The operation involved 11 gas carrying trucks and took place at the Spanish port of Cartagena. The previous, largest operation involved ten LNG supplying trucks.

"Developing the LNG bunker business, both on a spot and mid/long term basis, is one of the key work areas of Repsol's strategy to provide solutions to its clients, adding LNG to its portfolio of bunker fuels," the company said.

The bunkered ship, Paul A Desgagnes, is multi-fuel including fuel oil and LNG.

LNG is seen by some in the bunkering and shipping industry as a potential contender to oil-derived fuel oil.