UK Coastal Residents Complain of Cruise Pollution

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday July 1, 2020

Cruise ships anchored off the UK's southern coast have raised pollution concerns among local residents.

Writing to the local news paper the Bournemouth Echo, Bournemouth resident Marc Reddy says of the four ships reported to be moored in Poole Bay "are pumping out all sort of gases etc into the air".

Reddy calls on the authorities to make contact with the ships' operator, Carnival, "to express our concerns".

Reddy notes that ships sitting in Poole Bay do so for free when set against the cost of quayside moorage.

Reddy also highlights the environmental benefits of shorepower, a process whereby vessels source their power from the dockside and not their engines.

The world's fleet of cruise ships is currently idle as the demand for cruise trips has collapsed on coronavirus fears.