Scrubber Advocates Welcome South Africa's Position on Scrubbers

Monday April 15, 2019

Scrubber advocates Clean Shipping Alliance 2020 (CSA 2020) has welcomed clarification from South Africa it will allow the operation of all scrubber types within its waters.

As Ship & Bunker reported last week, as part of a recent IMO2020 update the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) said that the country has no restrictions on the use of scrubbers as a compliance mechanism for the new sulfur cap.

“We encourage all port authorities to seek out the available independent studies that provide detailed analysis of wash water discharges and describe the meaningful health benefits that reduced particle emissions can bring to their regions,” said Ian Adams, Executive Director CSA 2020.

The comments follow recent bans on open-loop units by high-profile ports including Singapore and Fujairah.

CSA says open loop versions of scrubbers make up more than 80% of the approximate 2500 ships that will have EGCS installations by the end of 2019.