Titan Boasts New LNG Bunker Customer in Rotterdam

Thursday June 14, 2018

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunker supplier Titan LNG says it has a new customer in Rotterdam.

Shipping company Nor Lines is said to have allocated its two LNG powered multipurpose vessels to a bi-weekly (liner) service from the SCA terminal in Rotterdam to the Norwegian coast.

The MV Kvitnos and the MV Kvitbjørn will bunker ex-truck at the City Terminal in the Prins Willem Alexanderharbour.

The Port of Rotterdam and Titan LNG have set up the site temporarily to bunker LNG to sea-going vessels until there are sufficient LNG bunker barges available, the company adds.

Nor Lines' fourteen-day shipping service runs through fourteen Norwegian ports including Trondheim, Tromsø and Bergen.

For 1Q 2018 Rotterdam saw 729 mt of LNG bunker sales, a far cry from the 2.5 million mt of oil-based bunkers sold during the period buy nevertheless a respectable volume given only 1,500 mt was sold in the port during the whole of 2017.