BUNKER JOBS: Bunker Firm Seeks Senior Trader in Dubai

by Maritime Recruitment Company Limited
Tuesday April 2, 2024

Vernon Jayanathan, director of Maritime Recruitment Company Ltd, shared the following information with Ship & Bunker about an open role in Dubai.

Moving jobs can be a scary thing. This is why many tolerate being unhappy, unappreciated, or underpaid. People prefer the devil they know and put barriers up to justify their inertia.

Questions like 'What if I do not like my new firm" "What about non compete?" "What if my clients do not follow me ?". Or 'Will I be under pressure to prove myself immediately'' are reasons people use to stay where they are.

Being wary is normal. It is a survival mechanism that ensures that we are alert and makes us evaluate risks before taking them. However if one takes a moment and analyses what is actually holding us back, we will often see that many of the fears associated with moving are surmountable.

A candidate should easily be able to gain an understanding of the culture of a firm both during the interview process and also by speaking to people. This is after all a very close knit industry. Non competes can be negotiated if done with mutual respect and consideration. If lawyers are needed, your new employer will deal with that. People buy from people, so as long your relationship with your client is strong, and the firm you are moving to has both a solid financial base and the required appetite for risk, there should be no problem with you continuing to serve them. As for performance, how long do you think you can really hide without bringing in the numbers anywhere? If you are in a senior position commanding a high salary, performance is expected.

I am right now, seeking an exceptional, unafraid, senior trader for the Dubai office of a very ambitious bunker company

With several years of solid bunker trading experience the successful candidate must be able to demonstrate that they consistently bring in US$80,000/month from a loyal and transferable list of clients.

The firm offers a fantastically generous packages in line with experience. This includes generous bonuses, healthcare, gym and housing allowance, and all the other benefits that befit such a majorly important position.

If you are outside of Dubai, a relocation package which includes flights and temporary accommodation is available. If you meet the grade, than my client will do all they can to help you move.

If you want to apply, you need to have exceptional negotiation skills, be commercially astute, and have unquestionable sales and account management ability. You will be expected to be a self starter from the beginning and have the confidence and determination to go out and realise all the enormous opportunities that will be presented before you.

If this appears interesting and you are up for the challenge, please send me a message in confidence to: