BPA Could Lend British Bunker Players a Hand in Post-Brexit Market

Thursday December 22, 2016

British bunker players worried about their prospects in a post-Brexit market could get a boost from a proposal by the British Ports Association (BPA), which urges Transport and Environment Ministers to introduce special "port zoning" to ensure the maritime sector remains competitive.

BPA Chairman Rodney Lunn and Director Richard Ballantyne met with the Department for Transport Minister of State John Hayes at the end of November to discuss the concept, which could see marine and land areas within designated as special areas for development.

"We envisage a system whereby port areas and surrounding clusters might be classified as 'special port zones' with fast tracked planning and licensing systems," explained Ballantyne.

"Such zones could safeguard against restrictive environmental designations, which can often limit port growth and development."

BPA is noted to represent 100 port members across 350 ports, terminal operators, and port facilities.