New Name For Bunker Firm Nordic Marine Oil

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday January 9, 2023

Denmark-based marine fuel supplier Nordic Marine Oil has started the year with a change in name.

From January 1 the company has been operating under the new name Malik Energy, it said in an emailed statement on Monday.

The firm is a subsidiary of supplier and trader Malik Supply, created in 2011 to take over operations previously covered by Statoil Marine. The company carries out physical bunker supply at all Danish ports with a fleet of 11 barges, and operates terminals at nine locations in the country.

"Before, there was no obvious link between Malik Supply and Nordic Marine Oil, but by bringing that synergy into the Malik name we now have a stronger brand that shows we are both a trading house and a physical supplier," Anders Jensen, COO of Malik Energy, said in the statement.

The use of 'energy' in the new name also indicates a change in focus in the decarbonisation era, according to the statement.

"'Energy' better encompasses how we see the marine fuels market, which will become much more diversified," Kristian Nielsen, chief commercial officer at Malik Supply, said in the statement.

"We see future marine fuel products as being liquid and we will look to use the existing bunkering infrastructure as much as we possibly can – we think that this will still be part of shipping going forward."