New Steel Type for LNG Bunker Tanks

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday November 30, 2020

The new liquified natural gas (LNG) tanks for 12 box ships on order from German liner ship operator Hapag-Lloyd are to be made from "cryogenic high-manganese steel".

The newbuilding deal was reported by Ship  Bunker last week when the company it was unable to comment at this time.

However, according to maritime news provider Riviera Maritime citing a ship building trade publication, Hapag-Lloyd is seriously considering using a system with two, LNG bunker tanks constructed with cryogenic high-manganese steel in preference to the normal membrane type of LNG tank.

According to BRL Newbuilding Weekly, LNG bunker fuel tanks made from this type of material would produce savings to justify in the extra cost involved from using the new material.

The high-manganese steel for use in LNG tanks has been developed South Korean steel company POSCO, the report said.