Bio-e-methanol Plant Planned in Norway

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday June 10, 2024

A joint-venture to produce methanol from a planned bio-methanol plant has been formed by two Scandinavian energy firms.

The Glocal Green/Norwegian Hydrogen joint-venture aims to first set up a 150,000 metric tonne capacity bio-e-methanol plant in Øyer in Gudbrandsdalen.

Bio-e-methanol incorporates hydrogen into the production process thereby increasing the volume that can be produced, according to a statement partner Norwegian Hydrogen.

The idea combines bio-waste and hydrogen where the energy from the biomass, together with the energy from the added hydrogen, provides an outstanding yield to the input power, the statement said.

The result is a green liquid hydrogen carrier at a competitive price, it added.

Inputs to the process come from waste (low-grade, biological residual materials) from the marine sector among others. Demand for methanol is seen to be growing in the marine and chemicals sectors.