MAN Cryo to Develop LNG Bunkering Facility Within the Port of Gothenburg

Wednesday September 6, 2017

MAN Cryo today announced it has signed a contract with Swedish infrastructure company, Swedegas, to deliver an LNG bunkering facility within the Port of Gothenburg.

As Ship & Bunker reported in July, this is set to be the first LNG facility in Gothenburg and Swedegas says the move is "primarily to meet the need in the shipping industry for a more environmentally friendly fuel."

"The new facility will enable vessels to bunker LNG from trucks or containers while simultaneously loading/unloading cargo at two jetties at the port's Energy Port, dispensing with the need to make a separate refuelling stop. The solution offers increased flexibility for customers and LNG suppliers, and will be open for multiple suppliers," the company explained.

Commenting on the development, Mikael Adler, Managing Director of MAN Diesel & Turbo, Sweden said: "We are very happy to have won the contract to build this first such bunkering facility in the important Port of Gothenburg. Our strategy to offer LNG solutions to the marine market, both on board vessels as fuel-gas supply systems but also as bunkering infrastructure, dovetails perfectly with the general development towards cleaner ship propulsion.

"We strive to bring robust, smart and flexible solutions to the market, and this strategic project is an excellent example of that."

The facility will comprise of bunkering equipment, a discharge station for LNG trailers or containers, feeding pumps, and vacuum-insulated piping, MAN Cryo explained.

The facility is scheduled to open during 2018 and will be operated and managed by Swedegas in cooperation with the Port of Gothenburg.