BUNKER JOBS: KPI OceanConnect Seeks Purchaser in Rotterdam

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday May 23, 2023

Global hybrid marine fuels firm KPI OceanConnect is seeking to hire a purchaser in Rotterdam.

The company is looking for candidates with at least five years of experience in a similar role, including two or three years in sourcing, it said in a job advertisement on LinkedIn.

The advertisement lists the following responsibilities for the role:

  • Handling of day-to-day supply chain activities such as back-to-back purchasing from physical market and participate in daily routines offering support, advice, and guidance to colleagues within Bunker Holding
  • Utilize relevant statistical and hedging tools to achieve competitive prices, optimizing trading profits. Being proficient in contract/swap pricing management is preferred
  • Establish, develop, and optimize strategic partnership with suppliers/marketing teams through consistent engagements, performing the role of bridging the gap between supply and sales team
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of market legislation accompanied with gaining expertise on future fuels supporting our ambitious drive to be a leading business partner within the green transition

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