Black Sea Bunker Market: Fewer Calls at Novorossiysk

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday March 1, 2022

Shipping activity at the Black Sea oil port of Novorossiysk has taken a step back, according to a bunker supplier active in the port.

The supplier added that two big shipping companies -- CMA CGM and Maersk -- have cancelled calls at the port citing shipping sources.

While local firms are saying that the port is operating normally, the exit of these two big firms represents a big chunk of the shipping activities, even if they are not among the biggest bunker lifters.

"We are monitoring the situation as much as possible, including whether we can -- or whether we want to -- offer in the port," said Bjarke Staal, general manager of Termoil Ltd.

Staal said he would expect to be offering six to 10 enquiries a day whereas today there are few enquiries in the market.

Termoil is one of the most active players in the Black Sea bunker market, where Novorossiysk has been the main port.

Ship & Bunker reported on Monday that a major oil company had cancelled all heavy fuel oil cargoes out of the Black Sea.