New Supplier Endofa Announces West Africa Expansion

Wednesday April 17, 2013

New physical bunker supplier Endofa has told Ship & Bunker that it is expanding its offering in West Africa with the addition of more bunker products and three combined fuel oil / gasoil bunker tankers.

The supplier first formally announced its entrance into the market in January 2013, saying at the time it was focussing on gasoil, but will now also offer IFO bunkers.

"Since the beginning of our newly established company, we have been approached by several ship owners and bunker traders with fuel inquiries, and now we have the possibility to offer for all grades such as IFO380cst, IFO180cst, and MGO DMA – all products within the specifications of ISO 8217:2010," said Endofa's managing partner Allan Frost.

Frost added that as African trades are linked to and from emissions control area (ECA) / sulfur emissions control area (SECA) zones, the Endofa tankers will also be capable of offering both high sulfur and low sulfur fuel in order to give their clients the option to lift all grades needed when operating their vessels.

The three additional bunker tankers will expand the company's fleet to a total of five tankers, and will join the MT Leon 9435844 and MT Namisa 9031492 already trading from Congo to Walvis Bay.

The first tanker, 13,160 dead weight tonne (dwt) MT Marida Mallow, is already with the company and is fully equipped with fenders and hoses for bunker operations, and is expected to be fully loaded with fuel and gasoil beginning next week.

The other two tankers are expected to arrive in West Africa within the next 6-8 weeks.

"We are very excited to see how the West African market will embrace us, and we will do our utmost to become a key player in the region", concluded Frost.