Spanish LNG Bunker Sales Gained 17% Last Year

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday January 28, 2022

Sales of LNG as a bunker fuel in Spain climbed by 17% last year, according to the latest data from gas association Gasnam.

Spanish ports supplied about 142,523 m3 of LNG in 2021, up from 122,058 m3 the previous year, LNG news site LNGPrime reported on Thursday, citing data from Gasnam. The number of LNG bunker operations jumped by 27% to 943, meaning the average stem size slipped by 8.2% on the year to about 151 m3.

The largest customer for these sales was ferry company Balearia, with cruise vessels also taking a significant share. Most of the sales were delivered by truck.

Barcelona was Spain's largest LNG bunkering port last year, with 65,050 m3 of sales in 236 operations.

LNG bunker demand has grown rapidly in Northwest Europe in the past few years, with Rotterdam noting 603,690 m3 of sales in 2021. And last year Singapore saw its first year of LNG bunker sales, recording 50,000 mt of bunker deliveries