Baltic Sea: Port Ops app Allows Fuel Savings by Ships

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday April 30, 2024

An app that aims to improve efficiency at Baltic Sea ports by providing realtime data on ship arrivals has been heralded as a success by port authorities.

The Port Activity App came out of an European Union-funded project (EfficientFlow) designed to improve efficiency at ports.

The Swedish port of Gävle has used the app to come up with a queuing management system with efficiency and environmental gains in mind.

A system called 'virtual arrivals' allows operators to apply for a queue ticket prior to arrival.

"From the continent to the Port of Gävle, you could choose to go ecodriving [and save on fuel] because you know that you will be able to go into the port when you want to call," Gävle's sustainability head, Linda Astner, told Euronews.

Virtual arrivals has optimised the operations and the logistics chain making it possible for everyone in the port supply chain to access docking and department information.