Norway to get Another Zero Emissions Vessel

Monday November 19, 2018

Norweigen ferry operator The Fjords DA has announced it will add another battery-powered, zero direct emissions vessel to its fleet.

The 400 PAX Legacy of The Fjords is now under construction at Brødrene Aa.

Sharing the design of sister ships Vision of The Fjords and Future of The Fjords, the new vessel will operate from the Norwegian capital, Oslo.

“This is a move that will surprise some in the industry, but one we see as a natural progression for this ambitious business,” says The Fjords CEO Rolf Sandvik.

“Oslo is very different from Flåm, but we believe it should demand the same degree of operational responsibility and environmental care – especially seeing as it is EU Green Capital of the Year 2019. We want to set new standards for the urban environment, as we have done for the natural one, and the silent running, highly efficient, zero emission Legacy of The Fjords will allow us to do so.”

The news comes as part of a busy year for Norway in the area of vessel emissions, with highlights including mandating of the world's first zero emissions control area (ZECA), upping the use of drone tech to enforce sulfur regs, and proposing new emissions control areas (ECAs) where marine fuel is capped at 0.10% and scrubbers are banned.