UAE Lifts Ban on Three Bunker Barges

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday July 29, 2022

The UAE authorities have lifted a ban on three bunker barges from operating in the country's waters that they imposed in May.

On May 30 the UAE Maritime Administration had issued a circular banning all ships owned, operated or managed by Warm Seas Development and Trading Company and Victoria Ship Management from operating in UAE waters and ports. The circular named three barges in particular -- the Maximus, the Atticus and the Amelia -- but noted the ban was not limited to these vessels.

"The above-mentioned action is the consequence of the serious violations from the companies for not abiding by UAE laws, maritime conventions and maritime customs," the organisation said at the time.

The ban has now been lifted, according to a new circular issued on Friday.

"The Maritime Administration has taken appropriate action by referring the individuals involved with the violation to the Public Prosecution and conducted maritime audit of the activities of the mentioned two companies," the authority said in Friday's update.

"Based on the audit, it has been verified that the companies have adopted strict measures to prevent the recurrence of such violations in future and have committed to follow the laws of the state."

No further details were provided in the circular about the nature of the violations. The UAE Maritime Administration's remit covers administrative matters relating to how vessels are licensed to operate in the country's waters, and the ban is likely to have been related to infractions in this area rather than in international sanctions.

Before the ban the vessels are understood to have been chartered to Montfort, Monjasa and Pearl Marine. Montfort now plans to continue using theĀ Amelia, a company representative told Ship & Bunker on Friday.