Cepsa Says New Offering Makes Company First Supplier of RMK500 Bunkers at Barcelona

Thursday August 24, 2017

Compañía Española de Petróleos, S.A.U. (Cepsa) today said that, to meet customer demand, the company has started offering RMK500 fuel in the Port of Barcelona - making it the first supplier of RMK500 at the port.

"Cepsa is now starting supply operations in the Port of Barcelona, with the aim of supplying ship owners with large ships, especially container ships, making long sea crossings," explained the company.

Cepsa says the move is part of an effort to extend the supply of RMK500 in the Mediterranean Sea following the fuel's marketing launch in other ports around the country, such as Algeciras or Gibraltar.

"The new Cepsa bunker operations in the Port of Barcelona strengthens the company's leadership in supplying this type of fuel in the Mediterranean, as it is the first and only supplier of this product in the ports of Algeciras, where more than one million tonnes were delivered in 2016; and in that of Gibraltar, where Cepsa made it available to its customers in June 2017," said Cepsa.

Further, Cepsa says it is introducing a new barge in the Port of Barcelona in order to improve fuel supply.

Cepsa says it is currently operating at the port with the SPABUNKER 41 supply vessel, which has a capacity of 2,600 metric tonnes (mt) of fuel supply and 850 mt of gasoil, and now the SPABUNKER 21, which, with 3,600 mt of fuel capacity and 850 mt of gasoil, doubles its marine fuel supply capacity.

In April, Cepsa announced that, in 2018, it will become the first company with the capacity to supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) via ship-to-ship operations in Spain with its Mediterranean Multi-product Barge at the Port of Barcelona.