IMO2020: Gibraltar Sees First LNG Bunker Op

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday September 2, 2019

Gibraltar has joined the growing number of markets to see a vessel left LNG bunkers.

Gibraltar Port Authority (GPA) said the first ever LNG bunker supply within British Gibraltar Territorial Waters (BGTW) took place on August 23.

The Panamanian Semi Submersible Crane Vessel (SSCV) Sleipnir, whose construction was only recently completed, lifted almost 3,200 MT of LNG.

Titan LNG, whose vessel Coral Fraseri delivered the fuel, said it was the largest LNG bunker supply in Europe to date.

The LNG tanker was brought in specifically to deliver the LNG to the SSCV.

There are now 75 ports / terminals that supply LNG as marine fuel, according to the latest data from LNG bunker advocate group Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel (SGMF).