Shell EMEA Bunker Sourcing Lead Steps Down to Launch Consultancy

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday May 26, 2023

A bunker sourcing lead for energy firm Shell in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region has stepped down from his role to launch a new consultancy.

Robert Radulescu stepped down as EMEA bunker sourcing lead for Shell in London as of last month, and is now business development manager at the consultancy Symplonic. Radulescu had worked for Shell since August 2013, and had earlier served in a variety of roles for companies including Mitsui OSK Bulk Shipping and K Line Bulk Shipping.

His new firm will aim to facilitate shipowners, charterers and bunker companies in relocating jobs to Romania to lower costs, he told Ship & Bunker on Friday.

"During COVID a lot of UK-based companies, and companies based in other countries in Europe, realised that quite a few jobs can be done remotely," Radulescu said.

"Obviously majors like Shell or BP can outsource lots of jobs to India or other locations in the Far East.

"Small companies cannot afford this but still, they could cut costs.

"Let's take as an example a small UK based company with 10-15 employees which is struggling to compete due to increases costs in energy, rent and wages.

"This company needs to be 'educated' that probably two or three jobs can be done remotely."

A variety of roles could be relocated to Romania in IT and administration, and in some cases whole offices could be moved, he argued.

"There are a lot of highly educated people in Romania who speak foreign languages, especially in Bucharest, Cluj and Brasov," Radulescu said.

"These cities have their own airports, flights are cheap and it takes three hours from London.

"That would make it easier for a UK-based company to travel and see the office and staff in Romania instead of flying to a location in the Far East."