UK Should Be First Mover in Shift to Zero-Carbon Bunkers: Report

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday May 16, 2024

A new report has highlighted the potential for the UK to be a first mover in driving the shipping industry's shift to using zero-carbon fuels.

Consultancies UMAS and Arup have jointly published research on how the UK can encourage maritime decarbonisation, the organisations said in an emailed statement this week.

The report highlights the bunker markets of the north-east of England, with about 513,000 mt/year of fuel oil demand, and the Southampton/Portsmouth area, with about 751,000 mt/year, suggesting a shift of just 10% of demand in these areas to methanol, ammonia or other hydrogen-derived fuels would deliver substantial progress.

"While overseas locations may offer lower zero-emission fuel production costs in the long term, the UK has an opportunity to become an early mover in this space while developing critical last-mile infrastructure to help secure its position in the future fuels market," the companies said in the report.