Gas Carriers Could use Ammonia as Bunker Fuel: Report

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday October 19, 2022

Operators of liquified petroleum gas tankers could be switiching to ammonia for bunker fuel in the future.

The prediction comes from the chief executive of Navigator Holdings, Mads Peter Zacho, who said at a recent London shipping event that ammonia producers were indicating that they would like to see this type of ship, ie a very large gas carrier, shipping ammonia.

"Given that ammonia is such an important commodity in our segment, I'm most certain that ammonia will be the fuel of the future for our part of gas tanker sector as opposed to methanol," Zacho was quoted as saying by maritime news provider Tradewinds.

While ammonia shipments might start to appear in the trade lanes in the next one to three years, it would be about five years before broad-based ordering took place because of the lack of the necessary infrastructure, he said.