SOHAR Port Drives Growth of Marine Services and Bunkering

by SOHAR Port and Freezone
Wednesday February 8, 2023

After 18 years of exceptional landside growth, SOHAR Port has embarked on a course to grow marine bunkering business at the anchorage and in the port's area. The rapidly growing complex which also include SOHAR Freezone has reached the milestone of more than 3000 vessel calls on annually, whereby anchorage calls have shown double digits growth in the past few years.

It is not without reason that more vessels have dropped anchor in SOHAR waters, owing to the marine services on offer. These services and facilities include a full-fledged MARPOL-compliant facility for vessel waste treatment, a duty-free shop, a new Lay by berth, and bunker supplies to name but a few. Sohar is gearing to become a one-stop-shop marine services hub for vessels in the region.

In 2022, SOHAR Port also registered growth in bunkering and repair operations, in addition to Layby bookings. The layby berth at the port can be booked for vessels ranging from 160-220 meter LOA, while having an open jetty deck allows flexibility to cater various types of operations. SOHAR Port is also allowing OPL operations on a case-by-case approval.

The relatively near to shore, shallow (30-50m depth) and spacious anchorage areas in combination with very stable ocean conditions make SOHAR Port an ideal location for taking in bunkers, crew change, ship-to-ship operations, floating storage projects, layup, hull cleaning, and so on. Another key aspect that favorably positions Sohar Port is its accessibility of spare parts and/or urgent deliveries given the 2.5-hour drive to the regional hubs of Muscat and Dubai.

According to Batti Al Shibli, Harbour Master at SOHAR Port and Freezone, this year's new add-ons to the marine service eco-system will be focused on the seafarers and technical services. "We are in the final stage for contracting a medical service facility and opening a seafarers' club for our marine guests. We are also always looking to partner with key industry players to provide technical services for vessels and their on-board equipment."

For businesses looking for unrivalled access to raw materials and efficient global shipping, SOHAR Port and Freezone is one of the fastest-growing ports in the world. The complex is the leading fully integrated industrial and logistics hub in the Sultanate of Oman enabling mutually beneficial global partnerships, while boosting innovation and socio-economic development.

SOHAR Port and Freezone is a fully integrated industrial and logistics hub enabling global business partnerships in a prime location with world-class marine services.

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