Denmark to Name and Shame Emission Rule Breakers

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday October 17, 2019

Danish maritime authorities have the power to publish the names of ships which have broken the rules on ship emissions.

The law enabling the authorities to ‘name and shame’ shipping companies will come into force from January 1, special advisor to the Danish Maritime Authority, Clea Henrichsen, told Ship & Bunker at the IMO symposium on alternative fuels. 

While the names of companies can be made public once a fine had been paid, the new process means companies found contravening the rules on ship emissions may be named once the case has passed to the Danish police. Ships with emissions above 0.5% sulfur would be liable to have their details made public.

Danish waters are in the Baltic/North Sea emissions control area where the permittable sulfur content of bunker fuel is 0.1%.

As a rule of thumb, ships found with emissions above 0.1% but below 0.5% receive a lower fine while those found with emissions above 0.5% receive a higher fine.