Protesters in Norway Target Cruise Ship Emissions

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday July 26, 2022

An anti-cruise group has formed in Norway to highlight the negative environmental impact of cruise ship calls.

The focus of the organisation, called CruiseNOTWelcome, is carbon emissions, grey water discharge and other activities such as garbage disposal, according to cruise sector news  provider Cruishive.

“We are tired of having to queue in our own cities," said the group's founder, Bengt Erik Waldow, in a website post.

"We are tired of shipowners’ floating hotels being driven by cheap asphalt-like oil that pollutes the air we breathe and contributes to enormous carbon dioxide emissions,” he added.

CruiseNOTWelcome has been active in a number of Norwegian ports including Oslo, Bergen and Stravanger.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, cruise ships stopped operating. But the return to 'business as normal' has reignited tension between the sector and environmentalists. With the Baltic seaport of St Petersburg no longer a viable destination, there has been an increase in cruise traffic to alternative destinations, the report said.