Know Your Counter Party: Sing Fuels

Wednesday June 28, 2017

Headquartered in Singapore, Sing Fuels operates a global bunkering network through its offices in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Ship & Bunker recently talked to Jeremy Long, Sing Fuels' General Manager, to learn more about the company's history and vision for the future.

SB - Can you tell us about Sing Fuels' origins?

Sing Fuels Pte Ltd was established in Singapore on October 9, 2012. Our main activity is bunker trading and exporting of MGO. Within a few years, Sing Fuels has expanded rapidly to other countries with coverage in niche markets.

SB - From those beginnings, where is Sing Fuels today?

Sing Fuels is proud to be the Largest Singapore-based Bunker Trading Company with presence in Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Copenhagen (Denmark), United Kingdom (London), Mumbai (India) and Cambodia, where we also have a physical supply operation. We are also active in other significant markets like China and ARA region. 

As our market share grows, Sing Fuels enjoys a consistent amount of credit acquired from new suppliers each year and can now offer a global coverage of ports to our customers.

Our staff strength has also increased significantly to 24 pax. Out of these 24 experienced staff, 15 are traders and 9 are support staff (with a Specialised Credit and Risk Team and a Dedicated Marketing Communications Team).

SB - How does Sing Fuels differentiate itself in today's market?

We take pride in nourishing positive relationships with our customers and suppliers. Strong teamwork and rapport is also fostered among Sing Fuels staff as we believe maintaining a good working relationship is the key to a successful workplace.

At Sing Fuels, all co-workers possess a strong set of DNA:

  • Fast speed of forming thoughts, ideas, responses and actions
  • Positive attitude and initiative
  • Committed to 'going the extra mile'
  • Flexible and think-out-of-the-box

SB - What is Sing Fuel's vision for the future?

Sing Fuels is constantly researching and planning on trading of other oil products. In the near future, we aim to provide a comprehensive coverage of products globally, with the possibility of starting physical supply in niche markets.

In particular, as part of our efforts to broaden our global reach Sing Fuels is exploring the possibility of starting offices in niche market areas in Africa. We are also expecting to see growth at our physical supply operation in Cambodia.

Endless effort and prime resources are also continuously deployed to develop important markets like Latin America.

Apart from expanding into new territories, Sing Fuels is also constantly looking to grow our existing offices in Dubai and Europe by hiring industry talents who can bring positive contributions to the company.