Weekly Vessel Scrapping Report: 2015 Week 3

by VesselsValue.com
Thursday January 22, 2015

As a credit manager, the last thing you want to discover when chasing an invoice is the vessel you bunkered 4 weeks ago has just been sold for scrap. And today, the risk of that happening is greater than its ever been.

To help keep on top of the most recent changes in the world fleet, every week thanks to online maritime intelligence and information service VesselsValue.com, we tell you which vessels have been sold for demolition in the last week.

Demolition Sales January 15 - January 21, 2015

Sale Date     Sold Name     Vessel Type     Age     Seller    
01/21/2015     Iginia     PASSENGER (Cruise / Ropax)     1969     Unknown Italian    
01/21/2015     Posidon     HANDY BC (Open Hatch)     1997     Tristar Management    
01/21/2015     Pegasus     HANDY BC     1998     Tristar Management    
01/21/2015     Star Julia     PANAMAX BC     1994     Star Bulk Carriers    
01/20/2015     Gas Coral     LEG     1989     Nautilus Marine    
01/20/2015     Yenisey     HANDY BC     1985     FESCO    
01/20/2015     Bahamas Celebration     PASSENGER (Cruise)     1981     Celebration Cruise Line    
01/20/2015     Peng Jie     HANDY BC     1985     COSCO Shenzhen    
01/20/2015     Star Florida     HANDYMAX BC (Open Hatch / Gantry)     1985     Grieg Star Shipping    
01/20/2015     Zhong Chang 68     HANDY BC     1986     Zhoushan Zhongchang Shipping    
01/20/2015     Shan He     PANAMAX CONT     1994     COSCON    
01/19/2015     Ji Li Hu     PANAMAX MT (DIRTY)      2000     COSCO Dalian    
01/19/2015     East Med Gas     LEG     1985     Benelux Overseas    
01/19/2015     Kestrel 1     CAPESIZE     1993     Vista Shipping    
01/16/2015     Xin Hui He     FEEDERMAX       1996     COSCON    
01/16/2015     Coppersmith     CAPESIZE     1995     Meandros Lines    
01/16/2015     ULMAR     MR TNKR      1989     Tomini Ship Management    
01/16/2015     Amira Amal     HANDY BC     1985     El Amira    
01/16/2015     Silver Mariner     CAPESIZE     1995     Sinokor Merchant Marine    
01/15/2015     Huan Le Hai     PANAMAX BC     1990     COSCO Tianjin    
01/15/2015     Bilis     MIDSIZE LNG     1975     Shell Trading and Shipping Co    
01/15/2015     Bubuk     MIDSIZE LNG     1975     Shell Trading and Shipping Co