Weekly Vessel Scrapping Report: 2019 Week 15

by VesselsValue.com
Thursday April 18, 2019

As a credit manager, the last thing you want to discover when chasing an invoice is the vessel you bunkered 4 weeks ago has just been sold for scrap. And today, the risk of that happening is greater than its ever been. 

To help keep on top of the most recent changes in the world fleet, every week thanks to online maritime intelligence and information service VesselsValue.com, we tell you which vessels have been sold for demolition in the last week.

Demolition Sales  April 11 – April 17, 2019

Sale Date         Sold Name     Vessel Type     Built Date        Seller    
16-04-2019     Baltic Prince     REEFER     15-03-1990     Baltic Reefers    
16-04-2019     Clean Ocean 1     SMALL HANDY BC     26-07-1991     Wallem Group    
16-04-2019     Selat Mas     FEEDERMAX     23-01-1995     Temas Line    
16-04-2019     Grande America     RO-RO     01-12-1997     Grimaldi Group    
16-04-2019     Ship 115     SUEZMAX     13-08-1997     Suasa Benua Sukses    
16-04-2019     Spring Mas     HANDY CONTAINER     01-10-1997     Temas Line    
16-04-2019     KS Hermes     RO-RO     06-12-1999     Jeyang Logitech    
16-04-2019     Robert Rickmers     HANDY CONTAINER     27-06-2003     Rickmers Reederei KG    
16-04-2019     Barouda     LEG     01-01-1983     Hyproc Shipping    
16-04-2019     Habas     SP FR LPG     01-01-1984     Habas Petrol    
15-04-2019     Green Music     REEFER     26-10-1990     Green Reefers AS    
15-04-2019     OEL Transworld     PANAMAX CONT     01-12-2000     Transworld Feeders    
15-04-2019     Ebanks Tide     PSV     05-01-2004     Tidewater Marine    
13-04-2019     Tabark     GENERAL CARGO     01-01-1974     Ayadaldeen Gzal    
13-04-2019     Orca 2     FEEDERMAX     16-08-1991     CONADE    
13-04-2019     Super Zearth     VLCC     01-09-1995     Idemitsu Tanker    
12-04-2019     SSL Mumbai     HANDY CONTAINER     27-03-1997     Shreyas Shipping