Emulsion Fuels Firm Quadrise Sets Out Stall on Decarbonisation

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday March 24, 2023

Emulsion fuels firm Quadrise has set out where it sees its position in the decarbonisation era after a recent rebrand seeking to emphasise its green credentials.

Quadrise uses its MSAR technology to emulsify fuels with water, producing a fuel with lower emissions by mass. The firm also applies the same principle for its bioMSAR technology, which brings a bio component into the oil element of the fuel for further emissions reduction.

The firm recently announced a planned name change, dropping the word 'fuels' to trade under the name 'Quadrise Plc' once the plan is approved. In announcing that name change the company said it was seeking to emphasise its position within the decarbonisation space.

For now, that decarbonisation focus is based on the emissions savings possible with MSAR and bioMSAR, the company told Ship & Bunker this week. But the firm reiterated a plan to develop a net-zero-emissions fuel by 2030.

"The imperative for global energy decarbonisation has accelerated, and our clients need to adapt quickly to this and other world events that have increased fuel costs and security of supply concerns," CEO Jason Miles told Ship & Bunker.

"Our innovative fuel and biofuel solutions offer clients key opportunities to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions today to advance the energy transition.

"The Quadrise team is committed to deliver our energy decarbonisation solutions, including a net-zero product by 2030 and we will innovate and collaborate to achieve this."