February, 2024
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Taking 2023 as a whole, marine income sank by 47% to $82.3 million, while volumes dropped by 12% to 16.8 million mt.
World Kinect Sees Quarterly Recovery in Marine Profits and Volumes in Q4
Glander International Bunkering discusses the common pitfalls in engaging with the growing market for biofuel blends.
INSIGHT: What to Look Out for When Buying Biofuel Bunkers
If January's bunker sales were to be replicated over the rest of 2024, this year's total for Singapore would reach 58.74 million mt.
ANALYSIS: Singapore January Bunker Calls Jump to Record High
In 2023, the maritime industry experienced a notable increase in fuel pump problems, according to Viswa Lab data.
Rising Trend in Fuel Pump Issues: 2023 Insights
January, 2024
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Dionysis Diamantopoulos, the new head of alternative fuels at Baseblue, sets out the firm's advice on how to cope with the upcoming FuelEU Maritime regulation.
INTERVIEW: Baseblue Calls For Action Now on FuelEU Maritime Compliance
Breakthrough's John McCaw shares his views on Red Sea disruption, ETS, and beyond.
Q&A: Managing Carbon Fallout from the Red Sea Supply Chain Disruption and Beyond