USCG Releases New Memorandum on Risk Assessment for SIMOPS During LNG Fuel Bunkering

Thursday August 17, 2017

The U.S. Coast (USCG) has issued a new memorandum for evaluating risk of simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) during liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel transfers.

Last month, USCG released guidance pertaining specifically to SIMOPS set to take place at waterfront facilities that handle LNG, is intended to provide guidance to Coast Guard Captains of the Port (COTPs) involved in LNG fuel transfer operations.

The new memorandum includes guidance on an optional, formal operational risk assessment, if the vessel operator chooses to conduct one.

"The USCG has serious concerns regarding conducting SIMOPS during LNG bunkering operations and wants to ensure they are conducted safely. To help reduce the risk, the Liquefied Gas Carrier (LGC) National Center of Expertise (NCOE) is encouraging vessel operators to conduct an optional, formal risk assessment of their SIMOPS," said USCG.

"This field notice, including the flow chart in enclosure, can be used as a tool to walk the operator and the cognizant COTP through the thoughtful assessment and mitigation of SIMOPS risk."

As Ship & Bunker reported earlier last month, to support the safe design of shipboard LNG-fuelled systems, USCG issued an update to Policy Letter 01-12, Equivalency Determination – Design Criteria for Natural Gas Fuel Systems.