Consultants to Promote Carbon Credits for Shipping

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday July 19, 2022

Two consultancies are to collaborate on expanding the reach of carbon credits in shipping.

Marine consultant Marsoft and carbon credit specialist ClimeCo aim to "expand the scope and value of the former's carbon credit service (GreenSceen)".

Carbon credits can be issued against reductions in CO2 emissions when retrofitting ships with the relevant technology. Credits can be sold to generate funding for the retrofit investments.

"By collaborating to simplify, accelerate, and cut costs from the carbon credit verification, issuance, and monetization process, Marsoft and ClimeCo will make carbon credits part of the industry-wide solution to the challenge of decarbonization," Marsoft's president Arlie Sterling told marine publication Seanews.

"The Marsoft/ClimeCo team will establish a high value/high liquidity presence in the carbon markets for credits from shipping," added ClimeCo's Erika Shiller.