Quebec Takes up Rightship's Vessel GHG Grading System

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday June 8, 2022

The Canadian port of Quebec is to take up Rightship's greenhouse gas rating system in order to assess ships' emissions as they enter its waters.

In line with other ports, Quebec offers discount on port fees to vessels with low GHG ratings.

The Rightship system grades ships' greenhouse gas (GHG) standing on an A to G scale with A representing the top performance, the company said.

"Different RightShip GHG ratings earn different discounts for ship owners, beginning with a 30% discount for an A rating, 20% for a B rating, and 10% for a C rating," said Quebec port authority CEO Mario Girard.

Last month, Rightship linked up with port data-sharing platform NxtPort International.

Port authorities like shipping companies are under pressure to show that they are doing something about their carbon footprint.

In addition to restricting GHG emissions, ports must respond to the public health concerns of local populations.