Taiwan Announces New Initiative to Encourage Low Sulfur Bunker Use

Friday January 12, 2018

Taiwan's Maritime and Ports Bureau has set aside NT$45 million ($1.52 million) for a pilot programme to encourage ship operators to switch to low sulfur fuel when sailing close to sea ports, Taiwanese media reports.

Under the initiative, each vessel that switches to low sulfur bunkers are eligible for a subsidy of NT$5,000 ($168.85).

Speed Reduction Push

Meanwhile, in another effort to reduce emissions from ships, the Taiwan International Ports Corp (TIPC) has announced new subsidies to ship operators that voluntarily reduce their speed.

Under the subsidy, each vessel that voluntarily reduces its speed when entering port could receive up to NT$8,000 ($270).

TIPC notes that it has been working since 2012 to encourage ships to reduce their speed to below 12 knots per hour when within 20 nautical miles of seaports; however, most large vessels still sail at 18 knots per hour.

The budget for the initiative intended to change this is set at NT$32 million ($1.08 million) for this year, including NT$22 million ($0.74 million) from TIPC and NT$10 million ($0.34 million) from the Environmental Protection Administration.

TIPC says that that 5,000 tonnes of air pollutants in port zones can be eliminated through various initiatives, including the elimination of 3,832 tonnes of SOx and a 21 percent reduction in particulate matter.