BP is Singapore's Top Bunker Supplier By Volume for a 10th Consecutive Year

Tuesday January 14, 2014
  • Update: It was previously understood that 2013 was BP's 11th year as Singapore's top supplier, but in Jan 2015 MPA said that 2014 was its 11th year as number 1.

BP Singapore Pte Ltd. remained Singapore's top bunker supplier by volume in 2013 for the 10th consecutive year, according to Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)'s annual list of its top 20 suppliers.

Sentek Marine & Trading Pte. Ltd. also held steady in second place, while Transocean Oil Pte. Ltd. jumped to third place from eighth in 2012.

Brightoil Petroleum, who for 2012 slipped from second to third place, for 2013 dropped out of the top 20 altogether and into 27th place on MPA's list of all suppliers in 2013. In October the firm reported its bunker services revenue had dropped 50 percent.

SK Energy International Pte Ltd., Shell Eastern Trading (Pte) Ltd., and Global Energy Trading Pte. Ltd., all top-10 companies the previous year, held the fourth, fifth and sixth place for 2013.

Tankoil Marine Services Pte. Ltd. leapt from number 66 on the 2012 list to number seven last year, while Universal Energy Ptd. Ltd., Chemoil International Pte. Ltd., and Costank (S) Pte. Ltd. rounded out the top 10.

Overall, the number of accredited bunker suppliers in 2013 slipped to 68, as Soon Tian Oon Pte. Ltd., Palmstone Petroleum, Titan Bunkering Pte. Ltd., Golden Lights HS Bunkering Pte. Ltd., Coast-Channels Marine Services Pte. Ltd., and Noble Resources Pte. Ltd., all left the market, while Pacific Bunkering Services Pte. Ltd. and Raffles Bunkering Pte Ltd joined the list.

Some of those suppliers left Singapore in 2013 after breaching the terms and conditions of their licenses, while other changes may have been part of industry consolidation.

Singapore's overall bunker sales were down slightly in 2013 compared with 2012.