Singapore: Turkish Bunker Firm has First Biofuel Delivery

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday July 10, 2024

Turkish bunkering outfit PO/Marine has supplied biofuel in Singapore.

The bunkering arm of Petrol Ofisi delivered a stem of 300 metric tonnes of B24 biofuel in the southeast Asian bunkering and shipping hub, the company has said.

"Working closely with Vitol Bunkers, which supplied the biofuel, PO/Marine delivered its first cargo biofuel to a customer in Singapore," according to the company. 

Vitol Bunkers has been supplying biofuel in Singapore since 2022.

"Biofuels have an important role to play in the decarbonization of the shipping sector," decarbonisation and trading executive at Vitol Bunkers, Ammar Hussaini, said.

Biofuel, which can be added to traditional bunker fuel, is seen by many ship operators as an effective way of limiting emissions from their vessels.

"As the leader of the maritime industry in Türkiye, we are proud to be able to offer various services in all corners of the world with strong collaborations," Aydın Yıldız, head of marine sales at Petrol Ofisi, said in the statement.

"The biofuel bunkering operation carried out in Singapore with Vitol Bunkers is one of the most remarkable examples of this capability.

"Thanks to the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC), our sphere of influence is expanding across the globe and becoming more environmentally friendly.

"By supporting our investments with these developments, we provide 24/7 service in every corner of the world in line with the needs of our stakeholders.

"As the leader of our industry, we will continue to offer the highest quality service, while taking concrete steps for the future of our world."