Singapore: Geospatial Mapping Aims to Improve Maritime Services, Bunkering

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday March 11, 2024

Bunkering and new marine fuels feature in a geospatial plan produced by Singapore's Maritime and Port Authority and land authority

In essense, the Singapore Geospatial Master Plan 2024 – 2033 aims to employ the latest data collection technology to better understand the geography and maximise land use on the island state where space is at a premium.

"Having a more comprehensive geospatial awareness across the land and sea domains offers potential to optimise the use of our limited land and sea space," MPA chief executive Teo Eng Dih said. 

The mapping wil help to "develop new models to support maritime services, such as the bunkering of new marine fuels, as well as long-term coastal planning efforts", he added in a statement posted on the authority's website.

The research will also cover how to optimise the use of limited anchorage space for vessel anchoring as the number of vessels calling at Singapore is expected to increase going forward, the MPA said.