Blue Visby Consortium Reports Pilot Trial Success

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday May 22, 2024

Ship trials using performance optimising software point to an average saving on carbon dioxide emissions of nearly 20%.

In recent trials, the Blue Visby systemic solution deployed on two bulk carriers operated by charterer CBH group making ballast voyages was reported to deliver 17.3% in CO2 savings, according to the company.

Values recorded were consistent with earlier trials, it added.

"The data collected during the CBH Pilot Program in 2023 and the CBH Prototype Trials in 2024 are consistent with earlier studies and hindcast simulations of 20,580 voyages worldwide of 3,651 panamax vessels in 2022, which showed potential CO2 savings by applying the Blue Visby Solution in the order of 23.2% (median)," a company statement said.

In addition, the evidence points to the "systemic optimisation of the ocean passage" being able to "deliver substantial reductions in emissions, in a way that is compatible with the commercial and contractual structure of bulk maritime trade". 

The Blue Visby comprises a consortium of companies including shipping companies, port authorities and academic institutions. It is co-ordinated by technologist Napa Oy and law firm Stephenson Harwood.