Mobile Hydrogen Bunkering Facility Wins UK Govt Backing

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday February 22, 2023

A project to "to build and showcase autonomous vessel and bunkering infrastructure technologies for liquid hydrogen" has won a tranche of funds from the UK government's Clean Mariitme Demonstration Competition initiative.

A consortium of firms under the heading, Hydrogen Innovation – Future Infrastructure & Vessel Evaluation and Demonstration (HI-FIVED), secured £3.8 million ($4.5m) to develop the project which will link the city of Aberdeen on the northeast coast of Scotland to the Okrney and Shetland Islands, according to a consortium statement.

A mobile liquid hydrogen bunkering facility developed by consortium member Unitrove will be deployed in the port of Aberdeen. The autonomous ship will be built by ACUA Ocean.

ACUA Ocean's chief operating officer, Michael Tinmouth, said that showing that the technology works "is critical to de-risking future investment in maritime decarbonisation".

Other consortium partners include Trident Marine Electrical, Zero Emissions Maritime Technology and Nash Maritime.

The project should be ready in the second half of next year, the statement said.