ECA Operator Extends Neste Bunker Supply Agreement

Thursday December 15, 2016

Neste Corporation (Neste) Thursday announced that it has extended its cooperation with emissions control area (ECA) operator AS Tallink Grupp (Tallink) for 2017, meaning Neste will continue to supply low sulfur bunkers to Tallink vessels calling at Finnish ports.

"We began cooperating with Neste already in 2015. In particular, we appreciate Neste's reliability as a supplier, their logistics expertise and their added value services. Fuel deliveries have been quick, safe and punctual," said Tarvi-Carlos Tuulik, Head of Ship Management at Tallink.

"Neste's low sulfur fuel suits us well due to its environmental friendliness and technical properties."

Tallink is noted to have selected the low sulfur fuel as a compliance solution for its operation within the European ECA.

"We are very pleased to continue our cooperation with AS Tallink Grupp, one of the largest passenger and freight shipping companies in the Baltic Sea region," said Panu Kopra, Executive Vice President, Oil Retail at Neste.

"We are proud that our marine fuels have helped our customers to reduce their sulfur emissions. We will continue to develop our products and services further to serve our customers even better."

Neste currently offers two low sulfur marine fuels, Neste MDO DMB and Neste RMB, both with sulfur concentrations of less than 0.10 percent.

In June, Neste said that its low sulfur marine fuel offerings had provided Tallink with an average 3 percent energy efficiency increase in its engines compared to HFO.