Titan Takes on Fifth LNG Bunker Delivery Vessel

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday July 15, 2022

LNG bunker supplier Titan has added a fifth delivery vessel to its controlled fleet.

The firm has chartered the 6,000 m3 delivery vessel Optimus on a long-term basis from Elenger, it said in a LinkedIn post on Friday.

Titan will use the ship to deliver LNG and bio-LNG at the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp hub and Zeebrugge.

The vessel is the fifth in the company's owned and chartered fleet alongside the FlexFueler001FlexFueler002Green Zeebrugge and Coral Fraseri.

LNG bunker demand has grown rapidly in Northwest Europe in recent years as more shipping firms order gas-powered tonnage.

Rotterdam saw 111,804 m3 of LNG sales in the first quarter, up from 94,454 m3 in the fourth quarter of 2021.