Big Data Gets Fuel Efficient Results

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday November 3, 2020

A fuel-saving system developed by marine technology firm Frugal Technologies has been a hit with shipping company Royal Arctic Line which had it installed on one of its ships.

The big data package, called Frugal Propulsion, was put onboard three-year-old, ice class container vessel, Malik Arctica, which plies the route between Denmark and Greenland.

According to the company, the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and cost savings on fuel mean that it will consider the package for other ships.

Frugal said that average fuel consumption savings are between 10% and 15% with a relatively short timeframe.

Frugal Propulsion optimises fuel consumption by using "artificial intelligence and big data" to control the engine and propeller in contrast to "ordinary control only involves static factory settings", said company chief executive Peter Hauschildt.

Technology aimed making ships more efficient and therefore more environmentally friendly is seen by many as the key to reducing the industry's carbon footprint.