Saronic Ferries Seeks to Build Greece's First All-Electric Ro-Pax Ferry

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday July 11, 2022

Greece-based Saronic Ferries is seeking to build the country's first all-electric ro-pax ferry.

C-Job Naval Architects has been chosen to develop the ferry's design, the company said in an emailed statement on Monday. The ship will be able to carry up to 800 passengers.

The ferry is expected to enter service in 2026, sailing between Piraeus and the islands of Aegina and Agistri, if the appropriate infrastructure is in place in Piraeus by then.

"We've been researching alternative fuels and energy sources for nearly a decade and have applied this knowledge and other innovations to our designs," Nikos Papanagiotou, director of C-Job Athens, said in the statement.

"Thanks to our experience and R&D team, we're able to show how design choices will affect operations and create the optimal design for each situation."