Maxcom Bunker: Name Change, Fresh Start

Wednesday December 12, 2018

Italian bunker firm Maxcom Bunker and been relaunched under a new name.

Maxcom Bunker, an established name in the bunker community, has been rebranded as Bunker Energy.

The move, which has been reported in the Italian media, will see the firm come under the control of its parent, oil products investment firm Fin Go & Fuel.

"It will be a fresh start for the company with new financing arrangements," a source familiar with the matter told Ship and Bunker.

"The staff will remain the same," the source added. 

Fin Go & Fuel acquired Maxcom in full in 2017 building on its already substantial stake in the company.

Late last year Maxcom garnered some unfavourable publicity when its former chief executive was sought and later charged by the Italian authorities on smuggling charges.