AI Driven Software Produces Voyage Fuel Savings

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday November 29, 2023

Applying digital technology to ship operations can result in significant emissions reduction, according to French start up firm Syroco.

Using its software on the vessel Marfret Niolon, the company said that the application delivered fuel savings of up to 14%.

Describing how the software works, Syroco said that using "precise weather and sea data", Syroco EfficientShip simulates a "digital twin of the vessel, driven by data and artificial intelligence".

The route chosen by the crew is displayed on the bridge of the ship where the application delivers real-time voyage optimisation recommendations, including engine speed, rudder angle, and deployment of wind assistance.

Guillaume Vidil, who is managing director of Marfret, the shipping firm working with Syroco, called the fuel reduction results "very encouraging".

Technological applications in the shipping space are seen by many market observers as being crucial to the sector's ablity to deliver on decarbonisation targets.