Switch to Biofuel Shrinks Port of London's CO2 Emissions

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday March 6, 2023

Switching its river craft to run on biofuel saw the port of London halve its carbon emissions last year, the Port of London Authority has said.

The greater part of the PLA's baseline year of 2014 and 2,054 metric tonnes of carbon comes from the authority's river craft. But the switch to biofuel delivered the 50% reduction for the authority ahead of the original target set for 2025.

PLA chief executive Robin Mortimer called the move to biofuel (which is hydrogenated vegetable oil) an "interim measure" as the authority "explores the long-term solution, using alternative fuels".

Infrastructure to deliver the fuel to the ships included three new steel tanks at three PLA bases along the Thames river. The third of these at Barrier Gardens pier was completed at the end of last year. The pier is also fitted with cold ironing facilities to allow vessels to switch to electric power when moored, according to the authority.